SA285 Grade A, SA285 Grade B, SA285 Grade C Carbon steel plate

Source:Yusheng steel

Under ASME SA 285/SA 285M,Carbon steel plate SA285 Grade A,SA285 Grade B and SA285 Grade C is equal to steel grade A285 Grade C,A285 Grade B and A285 Grade A pressure vessel steel sheet.These pressure vessel steel plates A285 Gr A,A285 GrB,A285 GrC owned low and intermediate tensile strengths which may be made by killed,semi-killed,capped or rimmed steel practices according to the end users’ option.


The main differnence for these three carbon steel grades of SA285 Grade A,SA285 Grade B and SA285 Grade C is their yield strength and tensile strength. For pressure vessel steel plate SA285 Grade A,minimum yield strength shall be 165 Mpa and 24Ksi,and SA285 Grade B pressure vessel steel plate owned the minimum yield strength at 185 Mpa and 27 Ksi,then pressure vessel steel plate SA285 Grade C owned the highest yield among them,it shall be above 205 Mpa and 30 Ksi.So steel plate SA285 Grade C is the most common used in the industry.


Mechanical properties for SA285 Grade C pressure vessel steel plate:


Yield strength (Mpa)

Tensile strength (Mpa)

Elongation ,%








Chemical composition of Heat analysis for SA285 Grade C Crabon steel plate (Max %):













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