Stainless steel plate
Stainless steel plate refers to resistancee of air,steam,water and other weak corrosive mediums and acid,alkali,salt and other chemical corrosive medias.Stainless steel plate also known as acid-resistant stainless steel plate.The corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate with lower carbon content and added element Cr.
Rolling specifications range: Thickness:1-80mm,Width:1200-2500mm,Length:3000-18000mm.
Additional services for stainless steel plates: Cutting and welding according to customers' required sizes.
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ASTM A240/A240M




AISI 201,AISI 202,AISI 301,AISI 302,AISI 302B,AISI 303,AISI 304,

AISI 304L,AISI 304N,AISI 304H,AISI 309S,AISI 310S,AISI 316,

AISI 316L,AISI 316N,AISI 316H,AISI 316Ti,AISI 904L


SUS 201,SUS 202,SUS 301,SUS 302,SUS 302B,SUS 303,SUS 304,

SUS 304L,SUS 304N,SUS 304H,SUS 309S,SUS 310S,SUS 316,

SUS 316L,SUS 316N,SUS 316H,SUS 316Ti,SUS 904L

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